Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This weekend....

This weekend of course I have another appointment with orienterring. But this time as organizer, which is not that funny. Tomorrow I’ll go to Navalcán, a village in North-West of Toledo, because this weekend I’m organizing there another of my orienteering races. An event for the national league of orienteering on bycicle. I’m afraid of that because the first time I organized an event for the national league, which was the last May (in this case of orienteering on foot) was the most stressful weekend I had in my life. I slept two hours on Friday and four hours on Saturday. And of course doing things without stopping all the time, not for relaxation. You can’t imagine what means to set up a competition of such level. So I’m already trembling. Let’s see how I return on Sunday.

Academic matters

In the recent times I have been very busy whith my exams, both for the university and for the language school.

The marks I know by now are good. I’ve passed every exam. Even one that is very hard and has more to do with luck than with knowledge (my classmates will know what I’m referring to…)
But still I don’t know two results that I’m afraid of…. I hope I have passed.
And I’ve passed languages in the language school both english and french. I’m very happy with that because I’ll access to 5th level in English (the higher one) and to 3rd in French. This is important as well because I’ve been given an Erasmus grant for the next year. I will study until February in Bordeaux, in the Southwest of France. Then I’ll probably do half of my practice period there in France.
I’m very happy with that, I think it will give me another experience that I still don`t have.

Orienteering through the forests......

I’ll tell you something about my sport-orienteering- during this last time I haven’t updated.
I took part in the national universitary championships. They were hold in Valencia in May.
I didn`t do well, beacuse I finished the fifteenth, but I expected that because the terrain there in Valencia and Levante in general is very different to what I’m used to deal with, and I don’t like it very much. But I enjoyed that trip, I met a lot of people (in spite of some unpleasant bus driver grrr) and it was a nice experience.
Later on May I went to the last event of the national league, which was hold in Ávila, so it was a short trip, I knew the terrain, I liked it, and I had great expectations for that race. It was the perfect race for my: long distance, known terrain and good for me, lots of rocks (I do well on them) big slopes (I do well on them as well jejeje I live in Toledo)
The first day I did very well: I finished first. But the second day I came across and ancient bunker of the civil war (a lot of channels of stone), I lose some precious minutes (six to be more concret) and I finshed fourth.
Yes, fourth. The "chocolate medal". The place of fools. But, as a good friend of mine says: "you have to run a lot to finish in the place of fools" It’s the life.

My favourite teacher

My favourite teacher would be one who really likes his job. It’s very important because this can’t be kept hidden when you are working with a teacher for a long time. We all have had teachers that it was obvious that they wouldn’t like to be teachers.

A perfect teacher should be very patient and above all very comprehensive with the pupils.
He/she should be able to appreciate averyone’s effort, not only that of the best students.
But I think that the most important thing that a teacher can teach is not any knowledge at all, but instead attitude, the attitude towards life we all have. Things will come by themselfs if one has the correct attitude towards life, positive, active, feeling respect for the rest of the people…

I can remember easily the best teacher I have ever had. He was a teacher of English in my Primary school, in 7th/8th of EGB. He taught us a lot of knowledge of english, but I think the most important aim in his coming to school every day was to make us children grow up as a person. He was like none other teacher I’ve ever had. May be that’s why I’ve chosen to be a teacher as well. I think there’s something very beautiful in teaching, and it is that if you´re a good teacher, and you are able to transmit them something useful, then a part of you will be taken by your pupils, and they will carry it for the rest of their lives. And I think that this is grateful even when they won’t be able to thank you in the future. At least I feel very grateful to that teacher I referred to, as well as some other teachers I’ve had. Thank you very much!!!

I return

Well, I haven´t updated this blog for a long time. At first It was because I lost my password, as well as my user number (I’m the most forgetful person in the whole world) But later it has been due to my exams and a lot of important things that have happened in my life. I will tell you something about that today.
But first I will add a writing that Maria told us to do: how would we like a teacher to be?

Monday, May 02, 2005


I'm going to write something about this last weekend, which I have enjoyed very much.
I've been to Huelva in order to take part in an orienteering race.
Firstly I have to explain what is orienteering. When I speak about it most people tell me: What the hell is that?
So this is mainly a sport in which you have to run throgh the forest with a map and try to go to some certain points printed in the map in as less time as posible. The one who completes faster all the points, wins the race.
Here in Spain this sport is not very developed and only a few fools practise it, but there are some countries where it's very popular and the most important are nordic countries such as Sweden or Finland.

I like this sport very much and I take part in the National League here in Spain. The competition takes part during a whole weekend and are hold elsewhere within Spain and Portugal. This is wonderful because you go with your your team of friends, and apart from the race you get to know a lot of places, you meet people and you enjoy the weekend.
The Satuday is the "classical race" which means the long, hard one. It`s the most important because time differences are bigger. The Sunday is the day for the "short race". In this one you can gain or lose some positions, but the long one is much more important.

So this weekend I went to a race in Huelva. I did extremely well in the saturday race, and I finshed first. In the afternoon we went to the beach and I enjoyed a wonderful swim in the sea which was warmer than I expected. In the evening we went for some "tapas" in Huelva and then we went out "de bares" hehehe.
On Sunday I did not as well as on Saturday because I lose some minutes, and in the end I finished thirst. One of my team mates finished first and now I am also in the thirst position in the whole league ranking so it was a great weekend for us.